Metal Fabricators of Brisbane

Samin Sheet Metal Fabrication Services – we specialise in the design and manufacture of a wide range of sheet metal components made from mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. We can assist with all of your sheet metal cutting, plate rolling, bending, folding and welding services right through to the highest quality finishing services.

We invite you to review all of the sheet metal fabrication services we provide by simply clicking on the categories below. You’ll find most of the information in an easy to understand format which will give you an idea of how your sheet metal components are designed, manufactured, finished and finally delivered to your door!

Our laser cutting machine providing service to Brisbane


Our fully Automated laser cutting machine is designed to operate without human supervision for extended periods of time. Ultimately, this means a more cost effective and efficient production output for your project..



Our Amada Automated Turret Punch Cell cuts virtually any regular shape. The process can be repeated with the highest levels of accuracy in a lights out/unmanned working environment helping us to achieve your delivery objectives..



We have three of the most versatile, technologically advanced multi axis CNC Press Brakes available to perform all required tasks. Multiple bending operations can be undertaken on each job without downtime in a single-handed operation..



With our years of experience, the latest joining equipment, manufacturing processes and skilled workforce, Samin Sheet Metal are able to provide complete solutions for all of your fastener inserting requirements..



Some of our customers need various types of deburring finishes applied to their components after the Laser Cutting or Turret Punching process. To service this need, Samin Sheet Metal have two types of machine’s in use..

spot welder4


Spot Welding technology has improved significantly over the years enabling us to spot weld stainless and mild steel as well as aluminum components. We cater from the simplest to the most complex assemblies..

spot welder2


Samin Sheet Metal provides both TIG & MIG Welding services. We use the worlds leading digital welding technologies and equipment from Fronius in Germany. This equipment gives us the ability to gain more precise control over the finest of settings..



Our Metal Lathe & Turret Mill can machine a variety of special Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, or Aluminum solid bar components and integrate them into a complex assembly during manufacture. Just another reason why Samin are your solution partners in manufacturing..

plate roller1


We use the latest Lemas Hydraulic Initial-Pinch Plate Rollers and Ercolina Hydraulic Pipe Benders to take care of all material rolling and bending requirements. There’s not much that can’t be done with our Plate Rolling – Pipe bending equipment!



There’s still a special place for the traditional Sheet Metal Guillotining at Samin Sheet Metal. Sometimes the simplest sheet metal cutting equipment works a treat and saves money for our customers. No job is too big or too small..



From the smallest components that require Anodising or Powder Coating right through to larger parts that require an additional Screen Printing process, our meticulous attention to detail during the final finishing processes are of the highest quality..



We understand that packaging and delivery procedures are a vitally important ‘final stage’ in our systemised processes. We take great pride in making sure that your order is delivered undamaged and on time..

Take advantage of the benefits of sheet metal fabrication.

Sheet metals provide engineers and contractors a number of advantages, namely:

  • Low weight and thinness: transport and delivery of sheet metals
  • High strength relationship.
  • Resistance to corrosion, sun, and moisture: sheet metals are ideal for use in today’s environment where various weather and climate threats abound.
  • Durability: sheet metals are strong enough to withstand pressures yet are malleable.
  • Malleability: sheet metals can be formed into virtually any shape desired. This provides an almost limitless amount of innovative designs for buildings and structures. Architects and engineers’ visions and plans will be materialised through sheet metal technology.
  • Recyclable: sheet metals are resistant to natural threats but are not harmful to the environment.
  • Easily repairable: the various physical properties of sheet metals make it possible for contractors to inspect and quickly detect damages in any sheet. Moreover, it is repair since the individual sheet metals can be dismantled from the structure and can be replaced without having to take down the entire structure.
  • Widespread availability.
  • Improved construction quality: because of its durability, maintaining sheet metals do not have to be as tedious and as often as other construction materials.
  • Low cost: the inexpensive but high quality of sheet metals provide contractors, firms, and other manufacturing industries with savings. These are not only beneficial to them but to their clients as well.

Excellence in sheet metal fabrication services & manufacturing.