• Plate Rolling: Our latest model Lemas Hydraulic Rollers perfectly roll thin sheet to heavy plate, narrow strips to oddly shaped cones and different length cylinders. They are capable of rolling up to 3mm x 1500 sheets without pitting or scratching the sheet metal surface, giving our customers superb accuracy and consistency.There’s not must that can’t be done on our hydraulic plate rollers!
    • Pipe Bending: Our Ercolina Hydraulic Pipe Benders bend from ½ inch up 2 inch diameter material
    • Our ability to be able to provide our customers with this in-house service is just another way Samin Sheet Metal are becoming an integral part of our customers own production processes.

    We use the latest Lemas Hydraulic Initial-Pinch Plate Rollers and Ercolina Hydraulic Pipe Benders to take care of all material rolling and bending requirements. There’s not much that can’t be done with our Plate Rolling – Pipe bending equipment!