• Amada Wet Deburring: Our equipment can grain stainless steel as well as provide general deburring finishes for mild steel and Aluminum
    • Fladder Dry Deburring: Although the Fladder deburrer does not grain Stainless Steel, it’s capabilities include the removal of sharp edges from Laser Cut or Turret Punched components. Even PVC coated materials are successfully deburred and the PVC coating remains completely undamaged. The Fladder can also deburr Turret Punched components with various 3D forms such as louvers, embosses and earth tags without any damage.

    Some of our customers need various types of deburring finishes applied to their components after the Laser Cutting or Turret Punching process. To service this need, Samin Sheet Metal have two types of machine’s in use..