Samin Sheet Metal Video ‘Factory Tour’

Samin Sheet Metal Video Factory Tour

This Samin Sheet Metal Video Factory Tour will give you an overview of our state of the art equipment, design & production capabilities, systems, processes & strict quality controls. It will also confirm why Samin are the leading Queensland manufacturer of a wide range of components and finished products made from sheet metal.

We specialise in manufacturing a wide range of sheet metal components from mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium through to structural fabricated parts for the mining, construction, automotive, aeronautical, electronics, and medical industries as well as many others.

We’re also able to guarantee our customers very high levels of production accuracy with all materials by using the latest Press Brakes, Pipe Benders, Plate Rollers, Centre Lathe and Turret Mill equipment.

Our goal is to be an integral part of our customer’s production processes that ensures our combined success well into the future.

Please enjoy the Samin Sheet Metal Video Tour. To find out more about our additional services please CLICK HERE


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